About Me

by easazade
alireza easazade

I am Alireza Easazade, A Software Engineer Fluent in Dart and Flutter with more than 7 years of Experience in mobile development, working for companies or on projects as a freelancer developer or creating and contributing to open source projects. I have a passion for tools and technologies that improve the development process. I like them whether they increase maintainability, testability, learnability or decrease development costs like time, money and resources spent. I like reading about them, talking about them and definitely creating them.

What Projects Interests me?

Honestly, Flutter & Dart is so fun to work with; sometimes it doesn’t really matter what the project is about. But 2 kinds of projects interest me.

Creating Tools

Creating tools or solutions or anything to improve software development metrics. Tools or solutions that make the development process faster while making software more reliable, maintainable, testable, readable, and so on. There can be so many metrics, but All metrics lead to one, Money.

Creating Apps with beautiful UI design

Creating Apps that have a great UI design. Just watching a great design come to life with Flutter on your Phone or Screen feels great, knowing that you’re the one that is doing it is even better.